The Hexa-Haler

A patented dynamic inhaler device aimed at empowering users, removing stigma and boosting adherence


Design features

We have created the first “desirable inhaler”, addressing lots of inhaler little niggles, that will appeal to a wide range of sufferers. If not – GREAT! you should stick with you standard inhaler with your head held high.

The must have inhaler

An inhaler to be proud of. Once you form a relationship with your personalised device it will become part of you. Keep it, click it, use it. Look at your current inhaler. Do you love it or hold it by choice? You will with ours.

Award Winning

Hexa-haler is turning heads, challenging the negative stigma of inhalers and reducing the burden of living with asthma. Recognised by awards bodies, asthma professionals and leading Manufacturing, Academic and Hospital partners.

Welcome to the revolution


Child's Play

Easy to use and rewarding to operate. It might just be the first medical fidget spinner too! In the challenging school environment, a Hexa-haler will become a sign of strength with its bold style and addictive rotary mechanism.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Whatever the statement you want to make, there’s options for you. Need an extra wow factor, keep an eye out for out limited edition runs and ultra-premium devices.

Discrete design

“I should carry it, but I don’t.” If this is you, the slimline “OFF” form makes it more compact and easier to keep close. Although you’ll want to be anything but discrete about your new device. Try it – It might just save your life.

High performance

Conceived in the UK. Designed in the UK. Manufactured in the UK. Assembled in the UK. Tested in the UK. No short cuts. Great design, great materials, great improvement.